Examples of our products

Since 2000 Euros has been delivering rotor blades to various turbine manufacturers worldwide. Euros has developed and manufactured more than 20 different rotor blade types. Examples of current blades and blade families can be found below. New designs or modifications of already available blades can be created according to customers requirements.

Blade families

Blade families enlarge

EUROS projects range from the EU20—a 9.5 m long blade for 100 kW passive stall turbines—to the M-5000-116—a blade with 56.5 m length for offshore-5 MW turbines.

Specialized airfoils for exclusive use on pitch-turbines assure high performance and moderate loads. Extensive measurements and customer satisfaction show that the predicted values for power curves are achieved in operation as well.

Our production facility is certified according to DEWI-OCC regulations. Furthermore in the production Euros only applies certified materials.