Composite materials such as carbon and glass fibre reinforced plastics are the most modern lightweight construction materials available to achieve extraordinary performance from any lightweight structure. Therefore these materials are applied in our premium rotor blades.

Material selection

Meanwhile the composition of the optimum mixture of these materials and the description of their interaction is one of the main challenges today’s structural engineers have to face. We are in close relationship with European Suppliers which are established and quality driven leaders. In this context we work strong together in the material development and R&D.


Thus EUROS advanced significantly the handling of all aspects of composite materials application. This enables us to accurately predict material properties based on advanced composite materials modelling incorporating processing parameters.

These material models provide the advantage to quantify the durability of our structural composite materials both, under quasi-static and fatigue loading. Even waves and undulations of fibre reinforced materials are taken into account to determine allowable tolerances. Based thereon we derive reliable design allowables under consideration of probabilistic effects for all materials applied.

Testing and certification

Finally these design allowables are distilled to determine materials testing requirements resulting in a streamlined DNV-GL approved materials qualification for all structural materials applied in EUROS premium rotor blades.

The above capabilities are offered individually or in combination in terms of engineering support for composite materials.

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