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23rd May 2016: 10th anniversary of delivery of the first 100 m rotors for 3 MW wind turbines

In 2005, EUROS was one of the first companies on the market starting the development of a 100 m rotor for 3 MW wind turbines, the EU100 with 48.8 m blade length. Design and production technology were based on the EU90 with 44 m blade length that had been built by EUROS since 2003. Almost 10 years ago, the first EU100 sets were put into operation in wind parks in Estonia and Finland.

Recently, Ville Koskela, Area Account Manager and Senior Technical Specialist of the Finnish wind service company Wind Controller OY, wrote to our Service Department:

»I have to say that I really appreciate your attitude to continue to give support for your blades even though you do not have any responsibility to do that! For me it means that EUROS really cares about the end customers and the blades which have been manufactured. I also think that you can be proud of these "3MW pioneer" blades.«

Many thanks, Ville, for the nice feedback, that indeed makes us proud. Furthermore, it motivates us carrying on designing and producing reliable blades as well as feeling responsible for their successful operation - from start to the end of the lifespan.

18th April 2016: EU120.2500 installed

Another set of the fully certified EU120.2500 is running.

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10th April 2016: EUROS at IQPC Conference on 19.-21. April in Bremen

EUROS is taking part on the 5th International Conference Advances in 
Rotor Blades for Wind Turbines IQPC. Alexander Krimmer (Head of Material 
Department) and Stefan Löser (Head of Design&Analysis Department) will 
represent the company during three days of conference. Alexander Krimmer 
will give a presentation about Capabilities of composite materials under 
fatigue loading. Stefan Löser will conduct a round table discussion 
about Challenges in developing XL rotor blades.

Please join the discussion with our colleagues.

IQPC Conference Rotor Blades Bremen, Germany (PDF)

28th March 2016: Using the family concept for the new EU118.2300

EUROS is able to react very fast on customer demands due to the family 
concept using segmented moulds based on in-house development and 
production. Thus we could follow a customer's demand on an EU118.2300 
that has been derived form the already available and certified EU116.2300.

Data sheet EUROS Blade EU 116 118 (PDF)

1st March 2016: EUROS at JEC on 8.-10. March in Paris

EUROS is looking for new products in the market at the biggest composite 
exhibition in Europe. The EUROS team is looking forward to lot of 
discussions and networking opportunities.

See you at the exhibition booths.

February 2016: EUROS produced the 700th blade from EU53 series production

In this month EUROS Polska has finished and delivered the 700th blade 
from a series production of 25 m blades for 500 kW wind turbines.

2nd November 2015: EUROS at IQPC Conference on 30.11.-2.12. in Bremen

EUROS is taking part on the 2nd International Conference on Giant 
Offshore Wind Turbines. Hinrich Graue (Technical Director) present about 
a contribution to the reliability of rotor blades for giant offshore 
wind turbine.

Please join the discussion with our colleague.

IQPC Agenda Giant Offshore Wind Turbines Bremen, Germany (PDF)

September 2015: New bonded joints verification with EARL

EUROS has finished the development of the new design verification for 
bonded joints in rotor blade in accordance to the upcoming DNV-GL 
guideline. This verification is implemented in the EUROS Advanced 
Reliability and longer Lifetime (EARL) criteria catalogue to predict a 
realistic and reliable lifetime behaviour. This new method underlines 
that 'fatigue is the design driver' for large rotor blades.

1st July 2015: Second set of M-EU167 installed

The second set of EUROS M-EU167 rotor blades are shipped around the world from Sassnitz/Germany to Fukushima/Japan for Mitsubishi's 7MW Offshore Wind Turbine. The blades are now installed on the turbine which is mounted on a floater. Click here to read more about the project.

WINDPOWER OFFSHORE: MHI floating 7MW ready for deployment
offshoreWIND.biz: Fukushima’s 7MW Floating Turbine almost There

28th May 2015: EUROS Advanced Reliability and longer Lifetime (EARL)

EUROS has started to develop two new onshore blade types for 3 to 4 MW with blade lengths from 64 m to 69 m. They will be featuring carbon fibre spar caps and the EUROS specific fine selection of materials. These designs are the youngest child out of the well proven EU120 family with an extended rotor diameter and yield. Based on the experience out of the very successfull M-EU167 rotor blade for 7MW offshore wind turbines, EUROS implemented its newly established criterion for matrix dominated damage and fatigue to predict a more detailed and reliable lifetime behaviour. Due to this new EUROS Advanced Reliability and longer Lifetime (EARL) criterion, EUROS is planning to offer increased warranty for all future blades.

20th February 2015: Gold Award winning EUROS rotor blades on turbine

Up to now EUROS developed and manufactured the only fully certified rotor blade M-EU167 in the 80m class. The first set is now installed on a prototype 7MW offshore turbine in Scotland. Click here to read more about the 7MW turbine and the 81.6m blade.

7 MW Sea Angel on cover of WIND-KRAFT 1/2015 (PDF, 0.2 MB)

3rd February 2015: EUROS at IQPC Conference on 24.-26. February in Bremen

EUROS is taking part on the 4th International Conference Advances in Rotor Blades for Wind Turbines IQPC. Two highly qualified engineers of EUROS will represent the company during three days of conference. Mr. Alexander Krimmer (Head of Department Materials) will give a presentation about Optimization of Material Systems for Rotor Blades. Mr. Stefan Löser (Head of Department Design & Analysis) will conduct a round table discussion on different aspects of rotor blade design, materials, production and testing.

Please join the discussion with our colleagues.

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7th January 2015: EUROS' offshore rotor blade M-EU167 awarded by Windpower Monthly with the gold medal and the title "Top Rotor Blade 2014"

See: WindPowerMonthly
Turbines of the year - Rotor blades

Being the first blade beyond 80m receiving a design assessment certificate and passing a full static and dynamic test programs, put the M-EU167 ahead of the competition. This gave Windpower Monthly substantial reasons to select EUROS' M-EU167 blade as the "Top Rotor Blade 2014".

EUROS' owner and Managing Director Dr. Michael Wolf said: "It is an honour to be awarded for the extraordinary M-EU167 blade design, successful testing and completed certification. Furthermore, as highlighted by Windpower Monthly technology editor Eize de Vries, we applied our blade family concept to the blade design as well as to the segmented production moulds. This allows us to adapt the blade to various applications with comparatively little effort. EUROS' technology leadership is based on having both in-house, an engineering team covering all aspects in blade design and production technology as well as manufacturing plants with highly skilled staff. Since 1999 we have built more than 30 blade types in the range of 25m to 60m length. The technology applied to our recent onshore blades, e.g. EU116 and EU120, was developed in parallel and is similar to the awarded technology of the offshore blade M-EU167."

EUROS built seven M-EU167 blades in total. The first blade set was successfully mounted to the first prototype turbine in Hunterston, Scotland, and will go into operation soon.

EUROS offshore blade production management team presents the first functional blade in Sassnitz, Germany: Christoph Klein, Jürgen Simon and Sascha Wadewitz (from left to right, photo: Oliver Reimer)

29th October 2014: EUROS has signed a contract for delivery of 54 sets of EU120 Rotor Blades at the WindEnergy Fair in Hamburg

The project for delivery of 54 sets of 58,8m long rotor blades for 3MW WTG shall start with building of the additional production mould and take place more than one year.
The customer CleanAyr Energy GmbH is a new company entering the wind energy market in Germany.
Pressemeldung CleanAyr (German)

20th October 2014: EUROS presents the material selection for robust blades in Chemicals in Wind Industry

For 18 years EUROS has been developing and producing rotor blades for wind turbines. The company has built the second longest rotor blade in the world having a length of 81.6 m aiming for durability. As during a service life of 20 to 25 years Cost of Energy (CoE) is significantly driven by the reliability of the rotor blades, EUROS optimises its custom-tailored blades regarding CoE. Download PDF

16th June 2014: Full scale test campaign of the 81.6m offshore rotor blade completed

The final step of the test campaign, the so-called post fatigue static test, was successfully completed according to IEC and GL standards.
Last week IWES performed all Flapwise and Edgewise tests under supervision of the Germanischer Lloyd. All tests were carried out in four days, once again without any problems or even damages on the blade.

Even after exposing it to its complete lifetime of 25 years, the blade's static and dynamic properties remained the same as during the initial static test.
With the conclusion of all tests the EUROS engineering team took another major step to receive the Design Assessment Certificate. The prototype blade sets are ready for erection on Mitsubishi's Sea Angel wind turbines in Scotland and Japan.

External Link: WIND POWER OFFSHORE: Euros 81.6 metre blade completes testing

15th May 2014: 81.6m long offshore rotor blade has passed the fatigue test

The first 80+m offshore rotor blade has successfully passed the fatigue test at the Fraunhofer Institute (IWES) in Bremerhaven, Germany - without any problems or even damages on the blade.

In 13 weeks the blade was exposed to an edgewise and flapwise loading equivalent to 25 years of 7MW offshore operation. Due to the close cooperation between IWES and EUROS' engineering team, the test ran according to the scheduled time frame. The reliable EUROS blade design and its well balanced material selection performed as previously calculated. The final post fatigue is now under preparation and will be conducted soon.

17th March 2014: EUROS at Windkraft Zulieferer Forum in Hannover 2014

EUROS will present the company at the Windkraft Zulieferer Forum at the Fair in Hannover.
The Technical Director of EUROS Mr. Hinrich Graue will give a speech on the “Co-operation between wind turbine manufacturer and rotor blades developer & manufacturer with regard to the new developments of onshore and offshore wind turbines”.

More information: www.plarad.de/windkraftzuliefererforum.html

12th February 2014: Design Assessment Certificate EU120

Based on the blade family concept and after successful testing of the EU120.2500, EUROS received the design assessment certificate according the the GL2010 guideline by the Germanischer Lloyd. The 58.8m long blade is already running successfully on a 3MW onshore prototype turbine under IEC 2A conditions. It has has a bolt circle diameter of 2500 mm.

Additionallly the blade family is expanded for low wind speed sites. Advanced solutions with the use of glass and carbon fibres will increase the the rotor diameter to more than 130 meters for 3MW turbines, offering even lower costs of energy.

3rd February 2014: Design Assessment Certificate EU84.1800

After successful static and fatigue test of the EU84, EUROS received the Design Assessment Certificate according to the IEC Guideline by the DEWI-OCC. The 41m blade is designed to operate at 1.7MW. The blade belongs to the blade family EU70/80/90.

13th January 2014: Design Assessment Certificate EU116

After successful testing of the EU116, EUROS also received the design assessment certificate according to the GL2010 guideline by the Germanischer Lloyd. The 56.8 m long blade is designed to operate on onshore 3MW wind turbines under IEC 3A conditions. First manufactured rotor blades already run on the prototype turbines.

With the rotor blades EU116, EU120 up to EU130 with root circle diameters of 2300 mm, 2500 mm and 2850 mm and blade lengths of 56.8 m up to 64 m EUROS extends the blade family for 2.5-4 MW with the aim to reach more customers and enter new markets.

10 January 2014: WindPowerMonthly magazine awarded EUROS

WindPowerMonthly magazine awarded EUROS with third place in „Top Rotor Blades“ worldwide for the offshore blade M-EU167, which has been manufactured in the facility in Sassnitz, Germany. 
Furthermore the silver awarded 3MW turbine of Wind to Energy W2E-120/3fc is equipped and certified with EUROS EU120 blades as well as the turbine P3000 from Prokon which has been installed and certified with the blade EU116.

WindPowerMonthly: Turbines of the year - Rotor blades (external link)

3rd September 2013: 80+m long offshore rotor blade has passed the static test

The first EUROS offshore rotor blade M-EU167, has successfully passed the initial static test at the Frauenhofer Institute (IWES) in Bremerhaven, Germany. The further dynamic test will be conducted on the test rig of the German institute within the next months. The EUROS engineering team is awaiting the results impatiently.

EUROS opens new production hall for onshore rotorblades

Berlin/Żory-Warszowice, 19 June 2013 – With today’s opening of its expanded production facility in Żory-Warszowice, Poland, EUROS, the independent rotor blade developer and manufacturer, has increased its production capacity for onshore rotor blades in Poland’s south west by a factor of five. The new production site has a production area of over 14,000m² and is equipped with the newest technology and the highest environmental standards.It will be utilised for the serial production of rotor blade types EU116 and EU120, which are used on 3MW wind turbines. The new investment with an estimated cost of around 10 Million Euros was made possible by subsidies from the EU and the Polish Ministry of Economics as well as funding by the Polish bank Zachodni WBK S.A..

“The EU’s and Polish subsidies show the trust that is put into our work. With the expansion of our capacities we will be ideally prepared for orders of significant volume in the future,” said Dr Michael Wolf, CEO of EUROS, during the opening ceremony. International business partners as well as guests from economy and society were invited to the event. Dr Wolf’s opening speech and the official key presentation to Mariusz Duda, Plant Director of EUROS Polska, were followed by a tour of the new hall together with the invited guests. The ground-breaking-ceremony for the site-expansion in Żory-Warszowice took place in 2012. Before that, the first expansion stage has been used primarily for the manufacturing of smaller rotor blades and production tools for EUROS’s own demand since its construction in 2008.

The opening of the new hall is already the second highlight EUROS is presenting within a time span of less than four weeks: At the start of May, one of the biggest offshorerotor blades in the world with a length of 81.6m has been successfully built and shipped from Sassnitz, Rügen.

EUROS was founded as a development officein Berlin, Germany,in 1996. In 1999, EUROS Polska was founded and the first production site was opened in Ustroń in the South of Poland. The second production site in Żory-Warszowice opened in 2008. The wind turbine rotor blades are developed in Germany, manufactured in high quality in Poland and Germany and will be delivered worldwide, e.g. in the USA, Venezuela, Argentina, India, China, Korea and Japan. EUROS offers its customers a wide range of rotor blades that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Download The complete press release as PDF

EUROS Ships First 7MW Offshore Blade

Sassnitz/Mukran, 27 May 2013 - Three months after opening the new prototype production facility in Sassnitz/Mukran on the island of Rügen, Germany, independent rotor blade designer and manufacturer EUROS delivers its first offshore blade to the customer Mitsubishi. This type of rotor blade with a length of 81.6 m and a mass of 32.5 tons will operate on Mitsubishi’s “Sea Angel” 7 MW offshore turbine with a rotor diameter of 167 m. The first operating sites will be located along the Scottish coast near Glasgow and in Fukushima, Japan.

Download The complete press release as PDF
WindPowerMonthly: Close up - Mitsubishi's 81-metre SeaAngel blade (external link)

22th January 2013: First EU116 blades manufactured and tested

The EU116, another new blade of our new 3-4 MW blade family, was built in November 2012. The blade, measuring 56.8 m in length, passed the static blade test successfully under supervision of Germanischer Lloyd in December 2012. The blade certification (according to GL2010) will be completed in the next weeks.

Our blade family 3-4 MW consists of blades ranging from 100m to 120m+ diameter (bolt circle diameters of 2110 mm, 2300 mm and 2500 mm). The modular concept for vacuum infusion technology allows EUROS to easily adjust the designs to customer requirements. The enhanced range of products enables EUROS to reach more customers.

12th September 2012: EUROS increases production capacity in Poland

In October 2012 EUROS commences the construction of a new 15,000 m² production hall at the second production facility in Żory-Warszowice (southern Poland), increasing our production capacity significantly. The hall is planed to be finished in March/April 2013. 250 new jobs shall be created.

3th September 2012: Successful static test of 58.8 m EU120 blade

A static test of the EU120 rotor blade has been successfully completed at the beginning of September 2012. The EU116 blade will follow. It will be built and statically tested by the end of this year. These two rotor blades will form part of a family of new generation rotor blades, with rated power of up to 3 MW - 4 MW.

Since the development follows a blade family concept, the blade production moulds are used in a modular way. The blade family can be enhanced according to customer requirements to 135 m diameter and rated powers of up to about 4 MW.

9th August 2012: EUROS plans construction of a production facility in Rostock

EUROS plans to construct a production facility for offshore rotor blades in Rostock, Germany. The production capacity is planed to be up to 60 rotor blades per year in 2014. The target capacity of 400 rotor blades per year is planed to be reached in 2016. The first prototypes of the offshore blades will be built in 2013 in a temporary used hall at the Sassnitz-Mukran harbour, Germany.
Ostseezeitung.de: Rotorblatt-Hersteller schafft 350 Arbeitsplätze (external link, German)

1st August 2012: Exibitor at the HUSUM WindEnergy Fair 18th – 22nd September 2012

EUROS will be exhibiting as developer and manufacturers of rotor blades at the HUSUM fair again this month. We will be presenting our new products and developments, as well as information on the expansion in Żory-Warszowice (Poland) and Rostock(Germany).

We would like to invite you / business partners and visitors to our booth (no. 8B25 in hall 8).

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WindPowerMonthly: Close up - Mitsubishi's 81-metre SeaAngel blade

Close up - Mitsubishi's 81-metre SeaAngel blade

interview in Wind Energy in Poland - Report 2011

"Material selection for robust blades" in
Chemicals in Wind Industry (01/2014)