Next to the cost-effective solutions for manufacturing of wind turbine rotor blades, EUROS highly skilled and experienced team develop and manufacture tooling for production of rotor blades. Production molds from 10 to 82 meters including equipment have been delivered to various customers worldwide. The close collaboration with our blade design specialists and production quality department results in effective design to manufacturing solutions, state-of-the-art products and short time to market.

Engineering expertise

Our passion is the development of high quality molds for effective manufacturing and cost-optimized processes. Molds are reliable with lightweight structure and stiff shell, manufactured for years of blade production and continuous quality. By using sophisticated in-house design tools and standard solutions for active heating and cooling EUROS molds are delivered in short time and help customers to reduce the cycle time in blade production.

Competence in plug design, laminate modelling and infusion strategies are combined for further optimization of all processes in manufacturing composite structures.  

References for plugs and molds

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