Range of Products


Range of Products

Since year 2000 Euros has been delivering rotor blades to various turbine manufacturers worldwide. More than 30 different rotor blade types have been developed and manufactured by highly skilled and experienced EUROS team. EUROS offers new designs according to specific customer requirements. 

EUROS rotor blades range from 9.5 m long blade for 100 kW passive stall turbines up to the 81.6 m long blade for 7 MW offshore wind turbines. Various types of EUROS rotor blades received Design Assessment Certificates. The Design Assessment Certificate from the GL for the 81.6m long rotor blade was the first one in this class and has been rewarded by          Windpower Monthly as Best Rotor Blade 2014.


Engineering expertise

Our passion is the aerodynamic design of rotor blades. EUROS ambition is to increase the energy yield while respecting the turbine load limits. For this goal EUROS calculates the loads according to established standards (IEC/ DNV GL) and conducts extensive performance simulation. Turbulence and off-design conditions have been considered as well as aero-elastic deformation and noise prediction.

From optimizing the structural design, carbon and glass fibers are modelled and simulated including advanced materials for cores and adhesives. We offer experience and support in blade manufacturing for structural optimization, aero elasticity, material qualification, certification support, full scale testing, defined tolerances for manufacturing process and tailor made solutions for on- and offshore applications.


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